I am Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast – What Are My Options?

When you least expect it, your most prominent dream job comes along, and you’re relocating. Families in this situation often questions “How to sell my house fast and move to a new place closer to where my work is?”. This may be a stressful experience because you have to sell your current home and transfer all your belongings to a new location or temporary housing. You can do a few things to help sell your house fast and make the moving process easier.

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast – What Are My Options | 3StepHomeSale | Falls Church, Virginia

Relocating requires a lot of challenging planning and coordination. Every week, people who want to sell their homes fast tell us over the phone or through this website, “I’m moving and need to sell my house fast.” The good news is we can help many people sell their houses quickly since we’re actively buying homes now.

There are many details to take account of, plus the frustration of whatever is making you relocate in the first place. Usually, it’s a new job or a sick relative, but the absolute need to move always comes with a significant change.

So how do you make the most of a difficult situation?

Organize – Not Agonize

You would rather not end up owning and maintaining an empty house for two years. It gets expensive, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast – What Are My Options | 3StepHomeSale | Falls Church, Virginia

Even though the market is pretty stable now, things can change quickly. Over the past 20 years, we’ve heard some horrifying stories. You probably can’t wait it out unless you’re filthy rich.

So how do you make the right decisions when you need to sell your house fast because you are relocating?

Relocating And Have To Sell My House Fast – Your Options and Steps

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast – What Are My Options | 3StepHomeSale | Falls Church, Virginia

Set a fair price

There’s no homeowner who wants to leave money on the table, but in real estate, it doesn’t work to set a price that is too high with the idea that you can lower it later. Buyers and their agents have more information about homes similar to the one they want to buy, and they know how much most homes are worth before they even see them. Overpricing a house from the outset causes it to sit on the market for a more extended period, even after the price has been reduced.

Make a quick sale

A speedy home sale has several benefits, including the freedom to move on with your life and the reduction in the time you’ll need to make repairs, clean, and leave for showings. However, the actual rate at which your home sells and for how much depends on various factors beyond just time.

When people want to sell fast, it’s usually because they’re in debt. These homes are called “distressed.” Why? Because most of the time, the debt on the house is more than what it is worth. This means that there is no fairness. Plus, it makes things worse if you are getting a divorce, the death of a husband or wife, bankruptcy, or other financial difficulties. And if you can’t pay your mortgage because you don’t have enough money, you could lose your home.

Things are not going well. And if the bank has told you that they will take your house away, there are things you can do. The most well-known? Request a short sale from the bank. How does a short sale work? First, it depends on having more debt than the home is worth. But it also depends on everyone who has a lien agreeing to the sale. So, if you have three mortgages, all of them must agree to a short sale. If you have one, it’s clear that your chances of short-selling your home are better.

How do you do it? You have to talk to the person who holds the primary note. That’s the most significant person who has a mortgage on your home. Good for you if you only have one mortgage. Talk with that bank. Tell them what is going on. After which, figure out who you must talk to escape being underwater. Yes, it is embarrassing and makes you look bad. But it’s better than losing the house. It’s better than having your home taken away.

Hire a seasoned real estate agent

Unlike selling directly to an iBuyer, selling your home through the MLS requires the assistance of a licensed real estate agent. When conducting interviews, pay special attention to the candidates’ experience levels. It would be best if you look for an agent who is both pleasant and well-versed in the local real estate scene.

Few licensed agents in the United States are profitable. Longevity in the industry also increases their chances of becoming a top producer. Your firm proliferates when you put in the time and effort to cultivate long-term connections. Those are the brokers you should approach if you need a quick sale.

Handover your mortgage to somebody else

The last thing you could do to sell your home fast is to give someone else your mortgage. But it also means that someone else must be able to take over your loan. To find out, you’ll need to read your mortgage papers. Nevertheless, if it can be assumed, that’s good news. This might even let you stay in your home and rent it out. Is this a typical thing to happen? No. Yet it is possible. You just need to put in a little more work.

Remember whomever the new “borrower” is, they have to qualify for that mortgage. And that might require jumping through some hoops. And if you have so much debt that you can’t pay your bills, it might not be the quickest way to get off your home. But it’s a choice. How long will it take? Again, it varies. Talk to your bank to find out if this is really possible. If it is, you will also have to find someone who is willing to take over the mortgage.

Sell your home to a wholesaler

Most people don’t know that almost 40% of all property transactions in this country are done with cash only. That means no banks are involved. Also, it implies that most of the old problems with getting an underwriting are gone. Wholesalers, on the other hand, do something a bit different. They work as a middleman for you and your house. Not for the most money. But you’ll get a decent amount. That’s a sure thing. They have cash buyers lined up on their side who tell them what shares they want.

The wholesaler signs a contract on your house and sells it to a cash buyer. Most of the time, this costs them little or no money. Then why sell it to a wholesaler? So, it’s fast. Faster than trying to get a traditional agent to list it. The question now is how to find a wholesaler. That’s a little bit harder. Usually, they find you. In their search for sellers in trouble, they look for signs that a house is ready to sell at a significantly lesser cost.

So, what would you do if you didn’t want to wait for them to find you? Use a national company, like 3 Step Home Sale, to sell your house. You can also search for something like “sell my house for cash,” followed by the name of your state or city to find wholesalers. You could search for “cash home buyers” or similar terms on Facebook Groups or LinkedIn to find cash buyers.

Where can you get cash offers?

Not sure how to find a cash buyer for your home in your area?  3 Step Home Sale can help you sell your home fast and easy. 3 Step Home Sale service gives you a cash offer for your home.

You can skip making repairs, prep work, and holding open houses and get an offer. We’ll also compare your 3 Step Home Sale cash offer to an estimate of how much you could get on the open market with the help of a top agent, so you can make an informed decision while weighing your selling priorities.

How does cash selling work?

You can expect the process to go something like this when you sell your house for cash:

  • Make contact: The seller contacts an investor or company that buys homes in their area and gives them some basic information about their home. But some companies will reach out to sellers and ask if they want to sell their homes.
  • Get an introductory offer: In as little as 24–48 hours, the seller will get an introductory offer, which may change after a house assessment.
  • Have your home checked out: The company usually schedules a walkthrough or exterior inspection of the house within a few days to figure out how it is doing.
  • Get a competitive offer: The company makes a firm offer, which you can accept or reject. Most companies won’t change their prices, so you can’t talk to them about it.
  • Closing starts: If you accept the offer, you and the company will sign the contract, and closing will begin.
  • Title clearance: Before paying for the property, the cash buyer will wait to see if the seller can give them a clear title. Some companies that buy houses will help sellers determine what to do next if they find any liens on the home.

The seller gets paid quickly, usually within seven days to a few weeks. This can be different for each company, and sellers who work with a company that buys houses also have the freedom to choose a move-out date that works for them.

Who Is 3 Step Home Sale and How Can We Help You If You’re Relocating And Need To Sell Your House Fast?

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast – What Are My Options | 3StepHomeSale | Falls Church, Virginia

We’re investors.  We care for our families and make our neighborhoods look better by buying homes from homeowners who need to sell the house fast for whatever reason.

People who tend to work with us as sellers are those who:

  • Have to sell quickly (we can close in as little as 7 days if you need us to)
  • Don’t want to deal with an agent to list a property?
  • Don’t want to pay the costs of a real estate agent
  • For whatever reason, they can’t sell their house (we buy houses in as-is condition)
  • or for many other reasons

But we are passionate people who believe in the community. We tell the truth and don’t hide anything. We’ll give you a fair price; if you need cash, we can close fast. You can handle the sale of your property from far away if you are willing to wait and can hire professionals to help. Sometimes, taking risks pays off.

Still wondering “How to sell my house fast because you’re relocating?”. We’re delighted to help you find answers to your most challenging questions about your property, so feel free to call us at 855-918-4010 and talk to us anytime.


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