Sell your house, save your money – it’s possible!

Sell your house, save your money – it's possible!
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Sell your house without spending any money. The typical process when you put your home on the market for sale is to prep and make repairs to attract buyers, spending a great deal of time, money, and energy before you ever list.

There’s another option for sellers who prefer to save themselves from the headaches and uncertainties of a traditional listing, yet work with a professional to handle the paperwork and keep more cash at closing.

No marketing. To sell your house without spending money on marketing, you can sell directly to professional buyers like those at 3 Step Home Sale.

No prepping. You’ll need to keep your house pristine during the listing period so buyers can show up any time for an impromptu walk-through. By making a direct sale to professional cash buyers, avoid the inconveniences of showings, doing any repair work in dealing with agents.

No repairs. If you’re afraid to find out what a professional inspector may reveal about the condition of your home, fear not. The direct sale will allow you to sell your house without spending any money on costly repairs. Professional buyers like 3 Step Home Sale will take the burden of the repairs onto their experienced shoulders.

No fees. If you’d like to skip paying the professional fees to sell your house, most cash buyers like us never charge commissions. When you make a direct sale to us, there will be no hidden fees and no surprises waiting for you at the closing. Here at 3 Step, our goal is to provide transparent, fair cash offer.

No waiting. It’s impossible to determine when your home will sell when you list it on real estate market. If you’re considering selling at market value with an agent, you must be ready to wait for a long time before receiving your cash proceeds.

No stress. We have an easy and quick closing process that will make the seller worry-free and have them focus on their own priorities. You can make a direct sale to sell your house without spending any money on an extra move because cash buyers are flexible and can work with you to arrange the most convenient closing dates.

Talk to one of our specialists today and find out how we can help you solve your home selling problems the easy way. Visit us at or call (855) 918 4010.

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