Squatters Rights in Missouri

Squatters Rights in Missouri

Squatters Rights, also known as adverse possession, is a legal principle that allows an individual to claim ownership of a property that they do not legally own, provided certain conditions are met. The idea behind this principle is to prevent neglected or abandoned properties from falling into disrepair by allowing someone to take possession of them.

In Missouri, as in many other states, the concept of Squatters Rights is governed by a set of criteria:

  • Open and Notorious Possession: The squatter must occupy the property openly and without attempting to hide their presence. This means their possession of the property is apparent and easily observable by others.
  • Exclusive Possession: The possession must be exclusive, meaning that the squatter has exclusive control over the property and does not share it with the legal owner or other individuals.
  • Hostile Possession: The possession must be hostile, indicating that the squatter is occupying the property without the owner’s permission.
  • Continuous Possession: The squatter’s occupation must be continuous and uninterrupted for a specific period of time, which varies from state to state. In Missouri, this period is typically ten years.
  • Payment of Property Taxes: Some states, including Missouri, require the squatter to pay property taxes during the possession period as a way to demonstrate their intent to claim ownership.

*Application in Missouri
In Missouri, the requirements for Squatters Rights closely align with the general principles outlined above. If an individual meets these criteria and occupies a property without the owner’s permission for a period of 10 years, they may be able to claim ownership through adverse possession.

Implications for Property Owners

For property owners in Missouri, Squatters Rights can pose a potential challenge. It’s important to regularly monitor your property and take action if you become aware of someone occupying it without permission. Ignoring such situations could lead to the loss of ownership rights over time.

Property owners can take preventative measures by ensuring their property is well-maintained, paying property taxes promptly, and promptly addressing any unauthorized occupation.

Implications for Occupants

On the other hand, individuals who are considering adverse possession should be aware that the legal process can be complex and require strict adherence to the outlined criteria. Attempting to claim Squatters Rights without meeting all the necessary conditions can result in legal disputes and potential financial repercussions.

Keeping Squatters Away from Your Missouri Property

To avoid such complications, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to protect your Missouri property from squatters. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies that can help safeguard your property rights.

Regular Property Checks
Frequent property inspections are essential to detect any unauthorized occupation early on. Regularly walk around your property, inspecting both the interior and exterior.

Secure Perimeter and Entrances
Ensure your property has secure fencing, gates, and locked entrances. This can deter potential squatters from entering the premises. Install motion sensor lights and security cameras to enhance surveillance and discourage unauthorized access.

Property Maintenance
Maintain your property’s appearance and functionality. A well-maintained property sends a message that it is actively cared for and monitored.

Display No Trespassing Signs
Clearly post “No Trespassing” signs on your property. These signs serve as a visual deterrent and can be helpful in legal proceedings should you need to remove squatters. Ensure the signs are visible from different angles and well-lit at night.

Promptly Address Abandoned Properties
If you own vacant properties, consider renting them out or selling them. Abandoned properties are more susceptible to squatters. By putting them to productive use, you reduce the risk of unauthorized occupation.

Lease or Rental Agreements
If you’re unable to immediately occupy a property, consider leasing or renting it out. Having a legal tenant on the property provides a lawful presence and reduces the likelihood of squatters taking over.

Engage Local Community
Establish relationships with neighbors and local community members. They can serve as extra sets of eyes, alerting you if they notice any suspicious activity on your property.

Monitor Property Tax Payments
Consistently pay property taxes to demonstrate your active ownership. Some states, including Missouri, require squatters to pay property taxes to claim adverse possession. By staying current with payments, you make it difficult for squatters to meet this requirement.

Legal Action
If you suspect unauthorized occupation, take legal action promptly. Consult an attorney experienced in property law to initiate eviction proceedings. Quick action can prevent squatters from meeting the necessary criteria for adverse possession.

Stay Informed
Stay informed about property laws in Missouri, especially regarding adverse possession and squatters rights. Knowledge of these laws empowers you to protect your property effectively.

Squatters Rights, or adverse possession, is a legal concept that can have significant implications for both property owners and occupants in Missouri. Understanding the criteria and requirements is crucial for navigating this aspect of property law. If you find yourself in a situation involving Squatters Rights, seeking legal advice is recommended to ensure you make informed decisions based on your specific circumstances. Remember, property laws can vary, so it’s essential to be well-informed and prepared.

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