The short answer is anyone who wants an EASY, FULLY TRANSPARENT, HASSLE-FREE home sale. There can be many reasons why sellers prefer a cash offer from 3 Step Home Sale:

  1. NO endless negotiation
  2. NO costly repairs. NO updates needed that a traditional Realtor would require.
  3. NO need to wait on pins and needles for a decision from a lender
  4. NO banks, NO inspectors, NO wasting your time!
  5. Flexibility – We are building your bridge to the next chapter. You tell us how long, how wide, and when you need it! We’ll deliver.

“Help, I need to sell my house quickly”

There is a multitude of reasons why a person or family needs to have this happen. If needed we can close in as little as 7 days or when the title is ready.

Vacant “as is” Properties

There is nothing more costly than holding on to a vacant property. If it’s not fully paid off, there is a mortgage, there are taxes, there is ongoing maintenance that gets neglected. Each day, that house then depreciates. 

Properties that can’t be financed

We see this all the time. A homeowner contacts a real estate agent. The real estate agent lists the property in the MLS. The traditional buyer tries to purchase that property by getting a mortgage. But because of the condition of the property, the bank won’t lend the money to purchase. So the sale falls through. It goes back on the market. And this cycle repeats. The homeowner has now wasted 3, 6, 9 months… 

Distressed properties

If you’re behind on your mortgage payment. If you have unpaid taxes. If you’re facing foreclosure or have experienced a bankruptcy. If there are liens against the property. All of these things can prevent a home from being sold because the title of the property has been clouded. For us, we specialize in these situations and help families escape them.

Financial hardships

With the rising cost of medical bills, putting people in extreme debt. Or rising unemployment, or due to a downturn in a person’s business, or high college tuition costs, many families find themselves needing to sell their home fast to escape this crushing pressure of financial stress. Each family is different. We customize each solution to each family.

Personal crisis / Family death 

With 50% marriages ending in divorce, and 100% of lives ending in death, this creates lots of situations where a property between a couple, or an inherited property, may need to be sold quickly for financial or legal reasons.