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3 Step Home Sale Story

Josh Cohen age 4

Josh Cohen – Founder and Home Builder age 4

From the time Josh was 4 years old he has always dreamt of becoming a builder. He remembers standing on top of his parent’s unfinished attic playing with a hammer. Josh’s dream to renovate homes didn’t transpire until as a young adult when he heard an ad on internet radio while working his fulltime 9-5 day job about a company flipping houses in the area. It was here his passion for real estate started.

Josh Cohen 3 Step Home Sale

Through the years

Josh Cohen Renovating 3 Step Home sale

In 2014, Josh convinced his older sister Elana to get into the real estate industry and for many years they built affordable new construction homes through the Washington, DC region. Affordable housing is a topic that Josh is very passionate about and interested in.

Josh and Elana in front of a new home they built in 2016

Josh and Elana in front of a new home they built in 2016

Over time Josh’s passion turned from the building side of the industry to helping people sell their homes. It became apparent that a lot of folks could build great homes but few could give sellers the customer experience they deserved. It was here that 3 Step Home Sale was founded in early 2020 to bring the same great service that we have provided for more than a decade in the Washington DC region to 20+ states (and growing). Our rockstar team members who continue to join us have the same core values as us: Family, Integrity, Transparency, Respect and Determination.

We hope whether you decide to sell your house to us or not, you will see these core values within every member of the team here at 3 Step Home Sale. We’re not just here to buy your property, we fully believe in helping and serving our community.

Today, 3 Step Home Sale remains a small dedicated family of 20+ rockstar team members who go above and beyond for our clients. We hope to be of service to you if you need to sell your house fast.

3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Rating

“Just sold my home in Macon, GA to 3step home sale. Very convenient and speedy service as well as great communication!”

3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Review Image -Michael Harrison. Macon, GA. 3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Review Image

3 Step Home Sale CEO Picture Josh

Josh Cohen

Founder and Home Builder

Josh is a lifetime serial entrepreneur. He knew it from the time he first started toying with computer programming in high school. Josh spent many years working at a top research facility as an electronics engineer and later a program manager solving complex technical problems for the United States Navy. During this time, he found another passion in real estate investing.  Josh built homes for many years in the DC metro region and is a veteran of the real estate industry. During covid19, he along with his partner, his older sister, launched a new national brand #3stephomesale which in less than 36 months is now buying houses in 20+ US markets.

3 Step Home Sale CFO Elana

Elana Newman

CFO / Co-Founder

Elana is an entrepreneur and real estate investor. After many years working at Fortune 500 companies in business development, operations and program management roles, Elana left the corporate world in 2014 to join her business partner and brother in real estate investing. Bringing an extensive background in tech, she enjoys working at the cutting edge of the real estate industry optimizing work-flow processes and tools.  She spends most days working the “back-office” finance & operations of our business to ensure our clients have a seamless experience as well as meeting with future 3 Step Rockstars! Beyond her professional achievements, Elana’s unwavering determination shines through as a breast cancer survivor. Her battle with the disease has further fueled her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Outside of work, Elana enjoys spending time with her two children and husband, creating cherished memories together.  

3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Rating

“Recently sold my home to 3 step home sales, was a smooth and easy process, went fairly quick and they paid a fair price for our home. I’d highly recommend them to anyone trying to sell their house quickly and hassle free. I was able to sell mine in Winston-Salem North Carolina, in just a few weeks. 5 stars!”

Logo of 5 star review from one our seller -Donald Mullis. Winston-Salem, NC. 3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Rating

3 Step Home Sale Leadership Team

3 Step Home Sale Operations Manager Kevin

Kevin Mitchell
Operations Manager

Meet Kevin, our dedicated Operations Manager at 3 Step Home Sale. Real estate is not just a job for Kevin; it’s a heartfelt commitment that revolves around his precious 3-year-old son. From a young age, Kevin’s fascination with technology kindled a passion for innovative solutions. This tech-driven mindset resonates throughout his work in the real estate investment field, where he constantly seeks efficient ways to help homeowners. Having experienced the loss of both parents early in life, Kevin understands with the emotional complexities homeowners face when selling their homes. His genuine care and understanding make him a reliable partner in your real estate journey. But what truly fuels Kevin’s dedication is his profound desire to create a secure future for his son. For Kevin, real estate is a calling—a pathway to positive change, both for himself and for those he serves. Outside of work, Kevin loves spending time with his wife and son, playing basketball and actively involved in his local organization, where they extend a helping hand to people in need.

3 Step Home Sale Sales Manager Micah

Micah Leonardo
Assistant Sales Manager

Hello! I’m Micah, and my life’s journey centers on connecting with people, understanding their stories, and offering solutions. Listening is my superpower—I thrive on heartfelt conversations and learning from unique experiences. My career is more than just a job; it’s a mission to help people navigate their hurdles. I take pride in finding innovative solutions and lending a helping hand, both professionally and personally. Beyond work, I cherish time with my family—they’re my anchor and inspiration. When life gets busy, you’ll often find me finding solace in music. It’s my therapy, calming my mind and giving me clarity to excel in all roles. In my journey, I’ve learned that connections with others, helping those in need, and commitment to loved ones define our true purpose. With these principles guiding me, I look forward to making meaningful connections and leaving a positive impact wherever I go.

3 Step Home Sale Director of Investments Aron

Aron Zargarpur
Director of Investments

Hey! I’m Aron, a multifaceted individual with a passion for real estate transactions and an unbridled love for sports. I serve as a dedicated Transaction Specialist and I thrive on ensuring that every transaction is executed flawlessly. Collaboration is at the heart of our firm’s success, and I am proud to be part of a talented team. Our clients’ success is my ultimate goal. Beyond the realm of real estate, I’m a fervent sports enthusiast. Engaging in lively discussions about baseball, football, and the dynamic world of real estate is where I find my balance. When I’m not immersed in real estate transactions, you’ll often find me catching a game, exploring potential investment opportunities, or sharing my sports and real estate passions with fellow enthusiasts.

3 Step Home Sale Transactions Manager Nicole

Nicole Mitchell
Transaction Manager

Meet Nicole, 3 Step Home Sale’s Transaction Manager. Her personal journey has shaped her into a credible and trustworthy professional in the real estate investment field. During her college years, Nicole took on leadership roles in various school organizations, showcasing her ability to guide and support others. This experience instilled in her a sense of responsibility and empathy, traits that she brings to her interactions with homeowners. As a devoted wife and mother, Nicole understands the significance of finding a safe and comfortable home for one’s family. Her personal experiences with family dynamics drive her commitment to helping homeowners with the utmost care and understanding. At 3 Step Home Sale, Nicole’s personal journey and values set her apart as a reliable and compassionate advocate for homeowners looking to sell their properties quickly. Outside of the office, Nicole loves travelling with her husband and son.

3 Step Home Sale Social Media Manager Mari

Mari Banhaon
Social Media Manager/Content Writer

Meet Mari, 3 Step Home Sale’s Social Media Manager. Through her innovative ideas and captivating content, she skillfully utilizes social media platforms to promote the company’s services and connect with clients. Her understanding and caring nature allows her to establish a trustworthy and caring digital presence for the company. Outside of her professional life, Mari likes to explore and learn new things which led her curiosity about real estate. Growing up, she was an introvert, always observing the world around her with a keen eye. She finds solace in getting lost in the pages of a good book and listening to music. She’s a daughter very close to her mom and enjoys hanging out with her whole family and her PAWsome pal, Snow. The love and compassion she shows for her family are also evident in the way she approaches the clients, as she is always ready to lend a hand to those who need it.

Why Choose 3 Step Home Sale?

3 Step Home Sale 5 Star Rating

We are a top home buyer who bought 1,500 homes and we have been buying houses in Virginia and Maryland for over 15 years. Our professional team is dedicated to make sure you sell your house hassle-free for a fair price. We will do our best no matter what obstacle we face during the process. We operate with full transparency and with best intentions ensuring it’s a win for you and us. Our team is committed to providing the best service in every homeowner’s home selling journey.

Our Promise Here at 3 Step Home Sale

We promise to be honest, open and transparent. We will give you the service you deserve and will perform to the best of our abilities. Our commitment is to treat everyone fairly and our constant mindset is positivity. We believe that a person dealing with a difficult situation needs help and not be taken advantage of.

Our goal is to help more homeowners like you. We will always be understanding and will treat you with respect and integrity.

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