Frequently Asked Questions

What type of houses do you usually buy?

Our typical purchase is a single family detached home, 850 sq ft to 3000 sq ft, on 0.1 to 1 acres that needs some renovation work. That said we have purchased plenty of mobile homes, manufactured homes, townhouses, and condos over the years as well. We do buy some multi-family and commercial properties as well.

A real estate agent told me my house wouldn’t sell because it needed too many repairs. Do you buy houses that need work?
Yes! We’ll buy your house in any condition, regardless of how much work it may need. Most of our purchases are homes that do need some work done to them to get them up to full market value. We have over 15 years of general contracting and project management experience.

How long does it take to get an offer?
In many cases it can be same day within a few hours or less. Sometimes we do need to do some additional due diligence on your property and that can take up to 24 hours. When you call in, they will give you an idea.

Am I obligated to take your offer?
Not at all! You’re not obligated to accept our offer. However, we don’t want to waste your time and promise to make the best offer we can.

What do you mean by a “cash offer?”
We use our own money and cut you a check for your house. By eliminating the need for bank loans, our buying process is quick and easy. Plus, this means no fees or commissions.

Can I sell my house if I’m evicting a tenant or am having tenant troubles?
Yes, we can still close even with the tenant living on the property.

I need to sell a home I just inherited. Will you buy it?
Yes, inherited homes are one of our specialities. We’ll work with you and your family to come to a deal that works for everyone.

Can I sell my inherited house if it’s still in probate?
Yes. We can make an offer subject to completion of the probate.

What does it mean to sell my house “as is“?

That means we’ll assess your house then make an offer. You do NOT have to worry about home sale contingencies, inspections, bank financing, or re-negotiation. We get straight to the point so you can receive the offer you deserve and close on the day of your choice.

Why are you different?

We started out as a family owned operation and now have over 15 years of experience helping 1000+ sellers sell their homes fast for cash across 20 states. We understand that everyone’s needs are a little bit different and that one solution will not work for everyone. Our team is focused on helping first which often times requires us to think outside the box and figure out how to structure the deal to make it a win-win. We understand that the hard work starts after an offer is accepted. Our transaction team is here to support our clients from offer to closing and getting paid. The reviews online show how much they care about going the extra mile for our clients.

Will I get a fair offer?

Most of our clients are looking for an easy, as-is sale, closing in 30 days or less. They understand that as a legitimate cash buyer investor we need to be able to buy, fix, and sell or rent the properties we buy for a profit. That being said our clients we are looking to make a profit as investors and are willing to be reasonable in terms of the offer price in exchange for an easy + as-is sale.

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